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"If you are considering contacting Barbara - do not wait! Her gift is truly amazing and her guidance has single-handedly transformed my life!"

Tim, Grand Rapids, MI

Meet Barb

I'm Barbara Waldeisen, ordained certified healer, spiritual minister, and trained medium. 


My transformation from a historic interior designer to a Spiritual Minister and Medium began September 11, 2000. While I was visiting New York City, I had a premonition of what was to come on that same day one year later, now known as 9/11. This extrasensory event awakened my intuition and became the impetus to initiate a quest for answers.

While my path to becoming an ordained healer, spiritual minister and medium has been extraordinary, it pales to the various miracles  which unfold in my clients' daily lives! My life is profoundly blessed.


It is this very path which my own healing unfolded that I offer to you.

Practice Areas




Mediumship provides the highest truths to reconnect you with loved ones who have passed into spirit. Yet there is so much more mediumship can offer.  Barb's training as a healer and minister uses mediumship to counsel by revealing the hidden causes of unhappiness, depression, anxiety or PTSD while giving the proper tools to change your life and to heal the challenging circumstance and/or challenging illness.



Readings offer healing through the highest understanding of life's experiences. Reconnection, Spiritual Counseling and/or Healing from life circumstances or challenging illnesses are all are aspects of healing provided within Barb's readings. 

Barb's extensive spiritual education allows her to work with families of suicide as well as the victims in spirit, so that both parties may heal together.


lectures & workshops

Barb offers lectures and workshops on a variety of topics, presenting how to live from the living God within you, which is what Spirituality truly means! For everyone's life is Divine and Sacred.


Start your healing journey today


Thank you!  You'll hear from Barb soon.

Spiritualism is living from the awareness of the Higher Mind, the Christ Consciousness.
It is a practice  of listening to the heart's wisdom which influences thoughts and actions. It is here where Heaven unites, where there are no limitations - not even in death.
Love is the common communicator.

Barbara Waldeisen

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