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A reading for Reconnection with a loved one has many purposes. It can offer many validations of  life together, from the good times, as well as the challenges that defined the bonds of our relationships. Often times many friends and family members 'pop in' to say hello!  A reading can offer closure, support, love, and the validation they're still close by, watching over you. A reading can offer an opportunity for forgiveness. A reading empowers you to move out of grief, into the livingness of life, with trust and a renew sense of purpose. 


A reading for Counseling through Mediumship can reveal the hidden causes of unhappiness. It can expose the unhelpful thought and behavior patterns that stifle, and block self love, productivity, abundance, trust and expose erroneous excuses that limit, frustrate, burden. A reading can illuminate the reasons of unfruitful relationships.


A reading for Healing provides courage for healing to be accepted. Revealing the thoughts, or events that drew the illness or circumstance into one's experience. A reading can heal one's past. Restore one's self trust, renew faith in their lives and loved ones...and shift one's circumstances for the betterment of all involved.

My readings will empower you to understand the divinity in your life, the sacredness of life events, and relationships. 


All readings are in truth healing and offer peace as wisdom comes into your understanding. Your Angels and guides are always present. Ultimately, all spiritual communication and the lessons garnered are presented in love from a higher perspective in order for you and those in your relationships to heal. 


 Please allow 90 mins for your session, $200  per person  Paypal, Venmo, cash...

Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling is available for clients who have lost a loved one, through death or separation. 

Why you may seek grief counseling:

  • Seeking closure from the passing of a loved one, helps one to know love never dies. 

  • Difficulty in re-entering daily life while grieving.

  • Seeking clarity for suicide victims, or accidental passings. ( Not Murder Cases.)


Regardless what the reasons maybe, meaningful validations are given in love, so the highest truth may be heard and peace realized. 


Please plan on 90 minutes for your Reading.

Price: $200 per person 

Please notify me for immediate family  pricing...      

Package of 3

Package of 3

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Price: $300 for 3 sessions

Gift Cards

Gift Card for a Reading

Price: $200 per person

I am here to help you heal.

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