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About Mediumship

The purpose of Mediumship is to prove the continuance of life after physical death. Yet mediumship can offer so much more. Mediumship's highest offers healing through the gifts of spiritual insight. This insight can help one move past the challenges of any given circumstance by realizing the hidden gifts each challenge offered. 


I am a high medium. Through my training at Sacred Garden Fellowship, I was taught how to go into the higher self, the Holy Spirit, to provide healing. For its from this level the soul reveals unhelpful beliefs about the self. Beliefs formed over life times, from life events spiral into emotional addictions which can eventually form in the physical. Either as a mental or physical illness, or through equally devastating circumstance. These beliefs form emotional addictions that require further events to satisfy.


In the education of mediumship, one must first learn to tune into the psychic energy ever present throughout the environment, including those around them. We all read psychic energy, most people are unaware. Mediums go higher, merging into the energy of the individual, through the heart, as the portal of the Astral Plane, opens. Astrals are where we return in our spirit form after the physical experience is concluded. And it's here where the medium's guides and angels bring the clients' loved ones in for reconnection. 


Thoughts have energy, based upon an individual's beliefs from past experiences. The energy of these beliefs form perceptions in the conscious or subconscious, affecting their reality. Perceptions are not truth. Most people use significant experiences to define themselves. They become focused on the experience and the emotions that were elicited - Whether it be short term fame or long suffering sorrow, these thoughts go out and create similar experiences to satisfy the emotions attached. Yet, If we realized all things come to bless us, then we can trust that what ever happened has a gift in self discovery. Once recognized the event or situation can be reframed in a positive way. 


Reframing the thought process for the client helps them to accept the sacredness within, and their life purpose as divine, regardless of the status associated with accomplishment. We are love, loved and enough, and all life experiences represent opportunities for this recognition to be felt and accepted. Although we must be responsible to ourself and community in loving ways, we each choose our unique circumstances as the vehicles for empowerment.


To learn more about Mediumship, explore the topics below.


Psychics, Mediums & Healers

Psychics and Mediums are different, each with their own distinction and purpose. At the most basic psychic level, anyone reads another's moods and thought processes. Most people are unaware that they are telepathically reading energy. Information can be garnered through multiple forms, called "clairs." For example, "clairvoyance," or mentally seeing. On elementary level there are two clairs: clairvoyance (seeing) and clairsentience (feeling). This energy is derived from the past, present and future of people and objects. Using this basic sense of intuition, which all people have, focusing it and reading these energies, the psychic gives a reading from the person or object's energy. Psychics can tune into the "probability" of a choice, yet, it is important to note that the probability can change from day to day depending on our free will. From a spiritual standpoint, the end result is a reading of the earthly plane, formed through perception, rather than a reading of spiritual truth, limiting guidance.


A Medium goes beyond the physical's lower mind by blending their energy with the heart energy of the client, entering the portal of the Astral plane. The Astrals are a dimension we return to in spirit form, after the physical experience concludes. And its here the medium connects telepathically with the client's loved ones with the help of their guides, angels and the guides and angels of the client.


The Astral has thousands of levels, lower and higher. Heaven is a state of consciousness. There is no hell, but the hell of one's own making, not God. If a person holds limiting beliefs while on earth, they take their limiting beliefs with them in to the Astral. Holding themselves to a limiting lower mentality restrics understanding, restricting love.  Over time in the care of angels, counseling is offered for self love to soften erroneous, limiting beliefs. As self love is gleaned, their vibration changes, lifting the individual into the union of love where the consciousness of the individual can evolve on to a higher plane. At each level however, love is always present to be accepted, and everyone is attended to, cared for by incredible loving, nurturing angels.


Mediumship through a Reading can facilitate a loved one's passing onto a higher plane as life lessons are gleaned and forgiveness realized. Angels come in to help both parties heal through the gift of understanding of their shared experiences.  As a result both worlds, spirit and physical may heal.


A Healer, with High spiritual training as a medium, called a High Medium enters through the higher mind in to the Holy Spirt where unity exist. It's the holy spirit within you that communes with the Holy Spirit within me, and the soul memory reveals the erroneous beliefs practiced, calling for their release as the heart reveals itself. Its this very action of love where the Healer see's, feel's the truth of God's precious child and its the God within the Healer and the very same God within the Healer which does the healing. In the Power of profound Love, the physical, emotional, and mental bodies are restored instantly. The next immediate step is to reframe the unhelpful beliefs practiced over life times, revealed by the Soul, into the understanding of love that nourishes self acceptance. Now the mind also becomes retrained in how to think from Love.


This is how healing happens together with spiritual counseling at the highest level. And it's here, where the personality can resist the healing, by holding tight to their addictive, harmful self beliefs. Yet healing remains, abides till the moment when the individual is ready to accept it. It can be used in passing or remain over the next few lifetimes within their spirit's aura. THIS IS HOW THE MASTER JESUS HEALED, by healing the soul memory for the soul like your spirit is eternal. The body, temporary, is only the vehicle of self discovery into love.

Go to for the names of HEALERS ordained in this method of Healing.

Mediumship & Meditation

Meditation and Mediumship go hand in hand. The mastery of discerning higher truth is developed by mentally traversing multiple levels out of the concrete (lower physical mind), into the Higher Mind of the Holy Spirit. Mediation helps retrain the mind to disengage from the thought, thinking process to gain the union of communion with God. This is the true meaning of Communion. The taking in from the God self.  As one develops this freedom of the lower mind's loveless control, wisdom of the higher mind downloads, based on the intent. And its through this ability either practiced or innate at birth, enables the gifts of mediumship to be realized!


To explain this intrinsic relationship I will discuss a truth about human beings. We are two minds united in one: the higher mind of God, and the lower, concrete mind of the son of man. In essence, this is what one would call our "duality." In the higher mind, all is known in the highest truths through love. Love is all there is. I am, you are the vastness of love in form. In the lower mind, or concrete mind the knowledge of love is gone, replaced by the drama of illusional emotions. And its here, in the concrete mind, we first pretended to separate ourself from God, the from each other. Emotions are false, not of our Godself, and are void of love’s reality. Based in guilt and blame, emotions are the opposite of love, fueling hate through fear.  They build limiting belief systems to hold the lower mind to the concept of ‘separation’, making the lower mind think life challenges have more power then our Godself.  The lower mind operates from the belief of limitation, validated by experiences offered in a limited physical form, which manifest limiting circumstances to experience.” In truth we are Spirit in Form, which of a higher mind, knows no limitation. 


Practicing meditation allows one to become more adept at accessing information from the Higher Mind. It lifts one’s consciousness into the vastness of love. Love is the vessel for the All Knowingness of God. Leaving the  busyness of lower mind behind, the mind becomes free to enter into the ‘Stillness’ which is meditation. Liken to a lotus emerging murky depths of the water of its birth, it’s reunited with its full potential. And so it is with meditation, for psychological guidance and understanding of our experiences can be not only comprehended but felt in the heart.  Understanding the higher truths empowers one to see life's gifts throughout our own self-discovery, despite any perceived pain or injury, leading to peace and contentment. This is available to one and all, a process for each and every day, in every situation. Reasoning is now surpassed by a knowing. Ultimately in this process we can forgive and love in peace. 

Private Meditation sessions available upon request.

Weekly meditation circle offered for my clients as tools to support their readings, and nurture spiritual growth.


Start your healing journey today

Readings are conducted at Barb's home in State College, PA, or through FaceTime or Skype. Barb also travel to New York City for clients.


Thank you!  You'll hear from Barb soon.

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