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Barbara Waldeisen



Life changing!...Healing!...


Do not Wait!

In 2003, my journey took me to Lily Dale, New York, the oldest spiritual community in the country. My intent at that time was to understand what I had experienced a year before 9-11. However, it was just the beginning of many profound experiences. It was through the “Fellowship of the Spirit” that I became an ordained Spiritual Minister, Metaphysican, and trained Medium in 2005. Since this time, I continued my spiritual education through Sacred Garden Fellowship.


The cloistered environment at Sacred Garden Fellowships in upstate New York, is unique for its rare Tranced Channeling by Trance Channeler, Rev. Penny Donovan. Channeled teachings were presented through select Master Teachers, including the Master Jesus (Yeshua) and the ‘Great Angel’, the beloved Archangel Gabriel!  


In 2005, I was one of 15, invited into Gabriel Educators. Every six weeks, at retreat, we were taught by the Master Jesus. ( John 14, "In my Father's Mansion are many rooms. I shall go and prepare a place for you, and when I do I shall tell you where to find it.") 


And in 2007 I began my healing education, both under the tutelage of the Master Jesus and other Master Teachers, which continues today. I am a certified, ordained Healer, taught by the Master Jesus, in the same traditions as he had been taught, so long ago. 



Whispering Angel ministry provides mediumship, sacred counseling, and healing through my gift of Spiritual Mediumship. All of which is uniquely enhanced by the profound depth of spiritual knowledge from the education Sacred Garden Fellowship provided its Healers! 


I offer lectures, and workshops, on spiritual topics, such as:

'Truth about Angels', 'Meditation', 'Healing', 'The Life and Times of the Master Jesus', 'Meaning of the Crucifixion', 'One Life, Many Chapters'- Reincarnation', 'Manifesting Happiness', 'Beyond Death'...

I also offer a Meditation Circle for my local clients, rich in the teachings from 'A Course in Miracles' and 'A Course of Love'. Both texts written through Channeled Dictation by the Master Jesus, at different times, by different authors, providing the psychological reframing from unhelpful thoughts, in to Love's knowledge.

I conduct readings from my home, if local, or through FaceTime or Skype. I also travel to New York City for my east coast clients. Please contact me for reading at

Go to Sacred Garden  for more information; 

Recordings, Books and Retreat schedules also available through site and on Amazon

  • Ordained, Spiritual Minister and Metaphysician, Fellowships of the Spirit, Lilydale, NY

  • Gabriel Educator, Sacred Garden Fellowship

  • Certified Healer, Ordained Healer, Sacred Garden Fellowship

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